Software & Firmware for HAAKE Rheometers & Viscometers
HAAKE RheoWin 4.93.0003 has been released!

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HAAKE Rheometer and Viscometer Firmware

At Thermo Fisher Scientific we have the ambition to deliver high quality products. The firmware of our instruments is continuously updated to add features and to repair software issues. We appreciate any input regarding our firmware.

It is, and has always been, our policy to supply software updates for our rheometers and viscometers free of charge.

Firmware for the current range of rheometers:
    MARS 60, MARS 40,
    MARS iQ, MARS iQ Air,
    Viscotester iQ, Viscotester iQ Air (redesigned versions)
    Viscotester iQ, Viscotester iQ Air (build until june 2022)

Firmware for older rheometers:
    MARS III, MARS I, MARS II, RheoStress 6000, RheoStress 3000, RheoStress 600, RheoStress 300, RheoStress 1 (B), Rotovisco 1, RheoStress 1 (A)

Firmware for temperature controller:
    UTMC, UTC, CTC, TC501

Firmware for circulator:
    ACCEL 500, SCxxx, PCxxx