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HAAKE CaBER 1 Software, version 5.0.12

Download the CaBER 1 software files

Download the following *.ZIP file and copy it to a new empty directory on your hard drive.

Then unzip the *.ZIP file using any suitable unzip program.

To install the software run the setup.exe file.

Please note:

Do NOT install any software from the CD's supplied with the NI USB-6212 DAQ card.
The file includes everything that is needed to install and run the CaBER 1 sofware.

Supported DAQ cards

This software is for use with the new external NI USB-6212 DAQ card only!

This software will NOT work with the older internal NI PCi 6024E DAQ card.

Supported Windows versions

The CaBER 1 software version 5.0.12 will run under the following newer Window versions:

The CaBER 1 software version 5.0.12 will NOT run under the following older Window versions:

CaBER Manual

The CaBER manual version 2.0 is valid for the CaBER software version 5.0.12 also, that is apart from the software installation, which is described in a separate document, see below.