Software & Firmware for HAAKE Rheometers & Viscometers
HAAKE RheoWin 4.93.0003 has been released!


HAAKE RheoWin software download

HAAKE RheoWin software video

Click one of the following link below to view a RheoWin instructional video.

TeamViewer software

In case our support personnel needs TeamViewer to support you, you can download the latest Teamviewer client using the following link

Rheonaut Module: Simultaneous Rheometry and FTIR

The RHEONAUT module couples an FTIR spectrometer to a standard HAAKE MARS rheometer, allowing for the simultaneous rheological and infrared spectroscopical examination of a sample in a shear field.

For more information on the Rheonaut module see:

Materials Characterization Workshops & Webinars on Rheology/Rheometry

  • Click here to access the list of upcoming and past (recorded) webinars on rheology/rheometer that you can view online.
HAAKE Viscotester 3

Perform viscosity measurements with ease!

HAAKE Viscotester 3

Discover the MARS factor

HAAKE Viscotester iQ (Air)

Individual, Intuitive, Intelligent.

HAAKE Viscotester iQ